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Trance Burrs

Main features of the shearing features


  • done_all Oil tank made of electro-welded sheet metal, where the main cylinder is housed, the hydraulic block.
  • done_all The pump and the electric motor are installed externally to the tank to facilitate maintenance.
  • done_all The cylinder crosspiece, the moving plane and the fixed plane, are constructed starting from a steel plate with application in various parts of reinforcements by electro-welding, subsequently machined mechanically.
  • done_all Shear base built in electro-welded sheet.
  • done_all Machine columns in chromed steel.

Hydraulic System:

  • done_all Hydraulic system totally designed and supplied by Parker, according to our specifications.
  • done_all Cylinder main built to design with internal sliding smoothed.

Central Extraction:

  • done_all Plate mounted on a moving surface, made of steel and then mechanically worked.
  • done_all Possibility of also exercising prematurezzo function.

Electrical Cabinet:

  • done_all Electrical panel made with Siemens components.
  • done_all PLC Siemens S7-300.
  • done_all Operator panel in three possible solutions.
    • done Siemens KP400 in color.
    • done Siemens TP700 Touch screen in color.
    • done Proface 10” Touch screen in color with free programming of the functions of the shearing.
Tabella Trance

Drainage Slide

Unloading Device:

  • done_all Unloading device that can be positioned on all sides by trimming, removable by trolley.
  • done_all The device allows automatic removal of pieces according to the shearing cycle.
  • done_all All mechanical movements of the unloader take place through guides and ball-bearing trolleys with hydraulic controls, including the height positioning which as an option can also be managed as an accompanying movement for unloading.
  • done_all Hydraulic connections facilitated by the presence of quick couplings that allow a quick application.
  • done_all Electrical system on board device, with electrical socket in optimal position for easy interfacing with the shearing machine.
  • done_all 25Lt air storage tank with connections that allow the blow molding to be cleaned during the inlet and outlet of the machine.

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