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The Tecnopresse range of lubricators is divided into two substantial types

TPL1lubricator suitable for medium-small machines, with the possibility of being mounted on a fixed plane with manual X axis translation or alternatively with positioning motor, rotation table to facilitate the assembly of the molds, lateral translation or on the extraction hood.

Tabella Lubrificatori TPL 1

TPL2lubricator suitable for medium to large machines with motorized X and Y axis and possibility of interpolation, installation by means of support on a fixed plane.

Tabella Lubrificatori TPL 2

Both versions have a lubricating circuit, a separate air circuit for blowing and the possibility to manage three separate zones.
We also have the possibility to create an interface in order to adapt any head already in the customer's possession.
The heads supplied by us are modular in order to adapt to every need.

Lubrificatore 01 Lubrificatore 02